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Our Proven Process:

"The STILLWATER Experience"

Our formula for completing projects successfully is built on developing strong, transparent relationships with our clients and offering the highest quality customer service. All the way through your project, from foundation to finishes, we are committed to creating a relaxing experience ... the STILLWATER Experience.

Whether your dream is for a custom home, a garden suite, a new deck, or your next renovation, it all starts with a conversation. We take the time to listen and understand your needs. Once your goals and priorities are established, we work with you to provide our pre-construction services and develop a plan. After the design, budgets, schedules, and permits are finalized, we build and manage every inch of your project. We stand behind our workmanship while you relax into your new home by offering Home Warranty insurance for up to 10 years beyond the completion of your project.

1. Introductions: WE LISTEN

We care about you and want you to share your ideas and goals. We will listen earnestly to discover what’s genuinely important to you. We'll then factor those priorities into every recommendation we make going forward. From there, we can explore the range of services we offer and explore how they can be tailored to meet your specific project needs.

We create trust and safety by being transparent. We explain our process from start to finish so you know what to expect throughout your project.

In a Meeting
2. Pre-Construction Services: DESIGN

We consider everything from your design preferences and priorities, the land and surrounding environment, and your budget in order to develop construction options for your project. We provide you with a team of professionals to collaborate with you to meet your goals and objectives.


We engineer every inch of your project with cost in mind to further refine our understanding of your wishes. We identify potential issues and provide you with options and solutions before construction begins so that no time, effort, or expense is wasted in redesign. We continue this process and readjust as needed until the design aligns with your budget and your expectations. We secure sub-trade contracts to provide clarity and cost control. We draw on our extensive experience to advise you on appropriate contingency allowances.

Our team will handle all facets of the building permit and application process so your project can begin in an organized, timely manner.

Once a design for your project has been finalized and permits have been obtained, we prepare a comprehensive construction schedule and manage it throughout the project. We share it with you so you can anticipate upcoming milestones and decision deadlines.

3. Project Management: BUILD

Our site managers are responsible for the day-to-day coordination and construction of your project. Utilizing our construction schedule to forecast project needs, we procure material and equipment well in advance to ensure it is on site in time for production.

Quality is an all day, every day responsibility of our site managers. We serve as our "client's eyes and ears". During construction, we manage all sub-trades, providing oversight and quality assurance. 

We arrange for weekly on site meetings with our clients to discuss progress and upcoming tasks. Budget updates are provided regularly reflecting progress and any change orders issued during construction.


You can trust the team at Stillwater to take health and safety seriously. We hold safety meetings regularly and are proactive by providing our employees with ongoing training to comply with WorkSafe BC guidelines and regulations. Priority is also placed on job site organization and cleanliness throughout your project.

Our carpenters hold Red Seal Qualifications and have a thorough understanding of the British Columbia Building Code and Step Code energy efficiency requirements. We form strong relationships with local building inspectors and have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure building inspections are successful.


The Stillwater team are the first to arrive and last to leave the construction site each and every day. From start up through construction, and all the way to commissioning, we are present and available to ensure the project is delivered smoothly, professionally, and to the highest of standards.

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4. Service and Warranty: RELAX
Relaxing in Hammock

All the way through the building process from construction to commissioning and beyond, we take care of you.

We are registered and licensed builders who offer British Columbia's 2-5-10 Home Warranty Insurance so you are covered up to 10 years beyond the completion of your project. We provide you with and follow the Residential Construction Performance Guide. The Guide is intended to provide objective and uniform criteria that sets out the minimum required performance of new homes covered by home warranty insurance in British Columbia. We strive to exceed these standards.

We schedule annual check-ins and follow ups to make sure your home is performing accordingly. 

If an issue arises, we make it right! We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service. If a problem comes up, we view it as opportunity to show you just how committed we are to our clients. We take care of you!

Stillwater is passionate about authentic communication, receiving feedback, and improving our performance. To this end, we welcome "Lessons Learned" discussions with our clients throughout the project and upon completion. By offering and encouraging this dialogue, we create a venue to listen, respond, learn, and adapt to our client's needs and expectations; a key factor to assist us in improving our services for future projects.

"Every step of the way  the sub-contractors showed up exactly when they were supposed to, and the site was always clean and orderly. Every person on Tom’s team were always superb, friendly, and tidy."  - Greg and Nancy Marshall

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Stillwater Design Build, specializing in Custom Quality Homes, Renovations, Garden Suites, Victoria BC
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